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DATE: 24th October 2015


BY: Miah Roland & Lambert

An essential and key aspect to a team or group is its leadership. The team or group’s leadership will determine its direction or path to follow; this path or direction could lead to success or failure. To enable its distributors to be exceptional leaders and good team builders destined for success, EDMARK Douala organized an impacting seminar named the MLT/TNT. This seminar was aimed at giving the distributors the necessary tools to become exceptional leaders, mentors and motivators coupled with arming them with prospection and selling techniques. The seminar was held on the 24th of October 2015 at the FUTURIS hotel at Bonapriso at exactly 11:00am. This training witnessed the presence of 70 determined attendees.

This seminar with 8 different modules, 4 for MLT and 4 for TNT had as speakers the T4-CM Mr. Elvis Sama Asanji, the T3-EM Mrs. Atchomon Irene, the T4-CM Mr. Fowo Alain, and the T4-CM Mrs. Kamga Melanie Kake all the way from Yaoundé. This mentality changing seminar kicked off with opening prayers followed by an energetic dance energizer which set the pace for the whole seminar.Slide1

The T4 Mr. Asanji took the stage for the presentation of the 1st MLT module and 3rd module and in the process made the distributors understand their roles as entrepreneurs and business builders and what elements they need to make their teams effective and successful. He also outlined and illustrated how they could motivate themselves and their business partners through the different sources of motivation. The second orator to take stage was theT4 Mrs. Kake who handled the 2nd module of MLT and 1st of TNT. She brought the attendees to understand how they could increase their business and how they had to make use of the EES to reach their goals, and also made them know what network marketing really is. The T3 Atchomon made a brilliant presentation of the 3rd module of MLT and 2nd module of the TNT.Slide2 Through her presentation the attendees realized how the EES and its seminars could serve them in building vibrant and effective teams and what role they had to play and what is expected of them as team leaders. The attendees were also trained on how they could prospect, present and handle objections in the field so as to become good marketers. Last but not least to take the floor was the T4 Mr. Fowo who handled the 4th modules for both parts, he dwelled on the importance and techniques to carry out tactical meetings and how good leaders were also to be good mentors by building a solid mentor-mentee relationships. After the wonderful and inspiring presentation by our 4 outstanding speakers, the attendees were so happy to have been part of this grandiose seminar.

The MIC Mr. Miah Roland then took stage and thanked the speakers and attendees and finally awarded certificates to the day’s exceptional speakers. This was followed by announcements and closing prayers, this marked the end of this impacting and compelling seminar. We are aiming higher next time to be there. Love is the reason.


DATE; 17th October 2015

@: EDMARK Douala Office

By: Nji Britha & Lambert

Edmark Douala experienced another exciting moments on Saturday, the 17th   of October 2015 through the  celebration of its 12th Social Day organized in the our premises.  The honored celebrants were the senior distributors, supervisors, assistant managers, Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby managers who were promoted within the months of January, February, March, April and May 2015.

The event started with both Christian and Muslim prayers which were immediately followed by the Cameroon National Anthem and a powerful dance energizer led by the Assistant Branch Manager- Ms LEAH DA SILVA, the host of the event- Lambert and some of our top Leaders.  An exceptional welcome remark was given by T3- EM Mrs ATCHOMON IRENE OFAKEM. This was indeed welcoming as one could see the guests changing their seats to feel more comfortable knowing that it is also possible for them to become Managers, and more like the celebrants of the day. An energetic Intermission number was displayed by the Marketing Eagles which ushered the Audience into the event proper. That is, the Zero to Hero recognition. The host started by acknowledging the presence and above all the efforts of the Senior Distributors, Supervisor and the Assistant Managers.Slide1

The newly promoted managers within the months of January, February, March, April and May 2015 were now called on stage accompanied by enthusiastic Edmark International Claps both with the hands and whistles for those that felt that their hands alone could not express the happiness they feel for the celebrants. The pins of the managers were awarded by CM-T3 Mrs ASANJI Christele and EM, T3 Mr. KENG Paul. The Most Outstanding Manager amongst the newly promoted, Mr SIEWE PIERRE shared his testimony with the audience on how he recovered his health through the consumption of Edmark products and thus decided to stay and keep sharing the good news to others. Followed was the newly promoted Sapphire Managers from January to May 2015. They were beautifully dressed in their Pins by CM FOWO Berline, T3-DM MAGAGNI Marguerite, and T3-DM Keubou Massop. The most outstanding Sapphire manager, Mrs. Alang Sarah proceeded with her testimony concerning how Edmark products have changed her health situation as well as her financial status.Slide2

Furthermore, the roles and benefits of a Ruby Manager were practically explained with much experienced by the RM MANFOUO ESTHER. The newly promoted Ruby Managers were equally called on stage and their pins were awarded by the Senior Operation Manager of Edmark International, SIR BIEN WAPANIO, the Assistant Branch Manager, Ms LEAH DA SILVA and T4-CM FOWO ALAIN. This was immediately followed by a testimony of the Most Outstanding Ruby Manager, Mr Tadie Noumsi Emmanuel who explained to the audience how Edmark has changed his life and even his environment.Slide3

The event came to its end with a powerful closing remarks from T4-CM Elvis SAMA ASANJI, who congratulated the celebrants of the day and also encouraged them, the Guests and Distributors in general to become effective by working with much determination and engagement in order to become managers and why not Double Crown Managers in the Edmark Business. Announcement of the next grand events were made with much emphasis on LTBC Nigeria and Dubai and also a closing prayer marked the final end of the event leaving the Guests very interested on how to register and also the distributors on how to truly engage themselves into the business. LOVE IS THE REASON!!!


DATE: 3rd October 2015

@: Vallee Des Princes

By: Miah Roland & Lambert

It was an ever memorable Crown Recognition which took place on October 3, 2015 at Hotel Vallee des Princes with the hall saturated with Distributors and anxious Guests totaling 383 attendees. The event started with an opening prayer, followed by the parade of the Goldenly-decorated Crown couple led by the “BAGHALUM” traditional dance group dressed in their traditional attire with drums. The Cameroon National Anthem was sung.

As a tradition, the Hall was animated and made conducive for our beloved distributors and especially the guests through the dance energizer displayed by the Senior Operation Manager Sir Bien, Assistant Branch Manager Ms Leah, and the Marketing Eagles, Crown Council members which left them wanting for more.

A welcome remarks was given by our Emerald Manager and T3, Mrs Atchomon Irene Ofakem who started by thanking all the invitees who have sacrificed their time to come and see how real the Edmark Business is.

This was immediately followed by an Intermission Number which was displayed by some of our aged but young distributors who really proved to the guests that in Edmark “Age is Just a Number”

Our guest speaker, CM- T4, Fowo Alain was then called on stage as he presented the roles and benefits of a crown manager putting more emphasis on the Compensation plan and the 9 great bonuses of Edmark International Company.Slide1

The program  took a more serious phase as the AVP of the latest Crown Managers was played ,  proving how well the Edmark Business has really transformed the life of the honored couple of the day lifting them up from School Certificate owners to Car owners and wealth makers.

The hall was full of explosive and joyful noise as the newest crown couple made their royal entrance into the hall led to the stage by a beauty melody produced by the energetic BAGHALUM traditional group and their drums. The Senior Operation Manager, Sir Bien proceeded with the award of the Crown Managers pins followed by the award of sashes and flowers by the Assistant Operation Manager, Ms Leah and SCM, Mrs. Jeannine Nzombeng respectively.

The newest Crown Managers now took the microphone as they explained to the Audience that the secret behind their success in Edmark business is determination and focalization. They equally advised all the distributors and the guests that, to really grow in the Edmark business they need to take their decision at hand and stick to it by working extremely harder.Slide2

As excited as they were, the family and power lines of the newest crown managers could not wait a second to be given the privileged of having a memorable picture with the honored crown managers of the day. The event came to an end with a powerful closing remark from the Senior Operation Manager of Edmark International, Sir Bien Wapanio who reminded the distributors of the theme of the year 2015- The Year of Momentum. He went further to explain the concept of momentum. This was immediately followed by announcement of the big events of the month of October and also the upcoming LTBC Dubai of December 2015.Slide3

The attendees of this event could not wait to go out and see for themselves the reality of Edmark compensation plan, as the cars of both the newest crown managers of the day and that of senior crown manager Celestin Tchoumi (Second Car offered by Edmark) were being blessed, followed by the cutting of ribbons to make it a deal. To concretize things, the newest crown managers, who were equally beneficiaries of a car and the senior Crown managers entered into their respective cars to show to the audiences how well they can drive their own cars.Slide4

The event ended with a closing prayer. But this never marked an end to the good news that both distributors and guests carried on their minds as they repeatedly took snapshots of themselves in, on and beside the cars, in order to update their Edmark filing system  and also to go share this good news with  both people who don’t know and/or believe in Edmark Business .  it was indeed a glamorous Crown recognition/ Car blessing  that kept a burning desire in hearts of Edmark Douala Car Qualifiers to go get their own car and thus boost their business as well.


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Date: 29 September 2015

@ Edmark Yaounde Office

By: Irene S. & Earnest N.

It was a lovely day here in Edmark Yaoundé premises as we held our P4 Lose to win batch 5, 30th Day Weigh-in .Our 30th day weight –in began with an opening prayer, followed by a powerful dance energizer led by the marketing eagles together with the P4 contestants and models. After the powerful dance energizer, the outstanding host of the day, our energetic Irene Celestine ushered on stage our ever dynamic and eloquent marketing in charge Marie Richard for the welcome remarks.


She powerfully welcomed all the audience and urged everyone, especially those with excess weight to join us in fighting against obesity. She assured them that obesity is not a fatality and that with our products they could still make it and gain back their health. All they have to do is to join this wonderful P4 Lose to Win program because not only will it help them get their ideal weight, but also will impact their life and enable them to witness total well being. Immediately after this, our T4-DM Fotso Sop Rodrigue gave a special message, as he enlightened the audience on why they need to control their eating habits, practice physical exercises in order to avoid being overweight. After the amazing and edifying special message, we proceeded with some P4 testimonials, and explained the concept ‘Why Lose to Win’. In  addition, explanations on the Diet Plan and the mechanics of the contestants were done.


The production number came next, followed by the official weigh-in of the batch 5 determined contestants and brief interviews of their journey so far. The results were as follows: TOUKAM BLAISE   26.7 % .NFOR ANOMA 16.6%. NADEGE EUGE MBADI 25%.MAGNE KOUAM ANNE 18.2% and CHAMBERLINE MEGNE 16.7% Next to this, came up some Announcements on our next big upcoming event. It is with this that we ended our successful event of the day.


Date: 26 September 2015


By: Marie Richard


 “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” Oprah Winfrey. That’s why we brought our beloved distributors and guests together last Saturday, 26 September 2015 in the sumptuous hall of Yaahot Hotel to celebrate our newly promoted Emerald Manager. After the warmth welcome remarks by T4-CM Enoh Benson Makia, an AVP on the 9 Great bonuses were projected, our CM Tchetchou Madoum Carine, came on to reinforce and enlighten the audience on “Who is an Emerald Manager and What are his benefits”.


As soon as she finished with her brief explanation, we welcomed the royal entrance of our newly promoted Emerald Manager which was accompanied by cheers and euphoria from the attendees in the hall. We then called on stage, our SOM Sir Bien Wapanio, ABM Leah Da Silva, CM Asanji Elvis and CM Tchetchou Madoum Carine for the awarding of the pins.


The newly promoted Emerald Manager Marie Madeleine Kwakep was preceded in her testimony by her down lines all the way from Gabon, who one after the other gave their personal testimonies. She finaly came to give an emotional testimony via which she expressed the fact that despite the challenges in bringing products to Gabon, she could overcome this due to the determination she had. Furthermore, she thanked Edmark for all the changes in her life and that of her family.


After these powerful testimonies, we cheered up on stage our SOM Sir Bien Wapanio for the special message to our beloved distributors, and to conclude, we had an inspirational message from T4-CM Asanji Elvis. It is on this note of happiness and joy that we ended our Emerald Recognition. Congratulations to All and See You At the Top!!!


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DATE: 28 August 2015

@: Vallee des Princes Hotel

By: Miah Roland. & Lambert

An effort recognized is always due to a work well done and one can only evaluate the work well done based on the secret behind it. The secret, just like a lamp cannot be hidden under a bed, is the case with Edmark products and above all its efficiency. This was proven by our diamond recognition and p4 lose to win batch 4 90th day weigh-in held on the 28th of August 2015 at 11:00am Vallee Des Princes Hotel.Slide1

This event started with both Christian and Muslim prayers. This was vividly followed by the Cameroon National Anthem. The hall was illuminated by the dance energizer led by the lively participants of P4 batch 4. The audience was moved by the welcome remarks given by Crown Manager Elvis Sama Asanji. The first part of the event proper began with the AVP of the marketing plan as T5, CM Elvis Sama Asanji proceeded with a down to earth explanation of who a Diamond manager is and also a brief but concrete explanation of what Car fund in Edmark Business is all about. He did this with a clear example of himself as he ran through the list of car recipients.

The queen of the day was then ushered in and therefore introduced to the audience. She was immediately decorated with the Diamond pin, Sashes certificate and flowers by Sir Harold, CM, Elvis Asanji and DM, Mrs Fonkah Edith respectively . This was then followed by a brief interview of the Queen of the day by the Marketing In charge, Roland Miah Nuh. The first part of the event ended with exciting pictures of the latest DM with her down lines and relatives and friends.


The stage was then set for the p4 lose to win ceremony. It kicked off with the projection of the global video and a video showing the journey of the p4 participants from day one to the end of the program.  A special and warm message was then given by T3, EM, Mrs Atchomon Irene Ofakem. A brief and clear-cut explanation of why lose to win and also the diet plan was presented by a P4 participant, Mrs longang Neoline. This later was well proven by an unbelievable but true intermission number led by a P4 participant, Mrs Mewefang Kamadjong, followed by a powerful production number displayed by our now-sexy P4 participants.Slide3

The event took a more serious phase with interviews, testimonials and the final weigh-in of the p4 batch 4 participants and the awarding of products cash and certificates to the Grand winners who were Mrs. Kamadjong Mewefang for 3rd place and biggest loser with 28kg’s lost and 35.9% excess weight lost, 2nd place Mrs. Djala Yeffou with 24kg’s lost and 36.4% of excess weight lost, 1st place Mrs. Kamgne Lucienne with 11kg’s lost and 61.1% excess weight lost. This was followed by the launching of the official weigh-in of p4 batch 5, after which a presentation of the mechanics of the contest, the diet plan and how to get started by the Marketing eagle, Ngang Ndi Lambert.

The day was then ended with announcements and closing prayers for both Christian and Muslim and we could see satisfaction on the faces of the P4 lose to win participants, we could also see that the newly signed-up participants were galvanized to attain their BMI and the distributors were motivated by this superb recognition to work harder so as to change their own stories and be their own testimonies.


DATE: 1st August 2015

@: Vallee des Princes Hotel

By: Miah Roland. & Lambert

Commitment, hard work, focalization in any endeavor is the right combination to success. Recognizing the veracity of the afore, EDMARK Douala to encourage and celebrate those applying that principle organized a grandiose ceremony entitled the emerald recognition/ P4 lose to win 60th day weigh-in on the 1st of August 2015 at the vallee des princes hotel.  The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize the newly promoted EM Mrs. Mofor Patricia and also for the 60th day weigh-in of the P4 lose to win batch 4. This event saw the presence of 168 participants of which 43 invitees and 125 members.Slide1

The event kicked off at 11:00 am with opening prayers followed by the Cameroonian national anthem after which the participants of the P4 were called on stage for the dance energizer. The host of the event then did a brief introduction and called on stage the GM of EDMARK Cameroon for the welcome remarks. He rightly welcomed both distributors and guests and called on them to sit back relax and enjoy the stages of the ceremony. The host then introduced and gave room for the projection of a video showing the benefits of an emerald manager after which he introduced on stage the T5 and CM Mr. Elvis Sama Asanji to throw more light on who is an emerald manager and his benefits in EDMARK’s compensation plan. Slide2The stage was now set for the start of the recognition proper. A video was projected showing the hero of the day’s journey after which she was introduced on stage accompanied by cheers and claps by the crowd. The GM Mr. Fostin Kenfack, the CM Mr. Fowo Alain, and the CM Mr. Elvis Asanji were called on stage for the awarding of pins, sash and flowers to the newly decorated emerald manager. She was then given the floor as she gave an amazing testimony of how she came to know EDMARK, and how the company radically changed her life both in health via its products and finances via EDMARK’s compensation plan. The stage was then given for pictures with family members and business partners. The stage was then given to the CM Mr. Fowo Alain for the special message. He addressed the issue of obesity and how the number of obese people has i increased with most people ignorant of its consequences to health. He then introduced a video which showed the different statistics of the obese in some African countries and their effects on health. This then paved the way for the 60th day weigh-in ceremony proper.Slide3

Mrs. Motchue Lilianne a participant of the P4 lose to win batch 2 then took stage presented some testimonies as a result of the consumption of EDMARK’S healthy slimming P4 products. She then gave the benefits of a weight loss both at a personal and humanistic level. The participants of the program then proceeded with the presentation of the production number showing the energy gained by the participants after losing weight and also showing the fight of the century between EDMARK and obesity. The stage was then set for the official weigh-in and the various prizes awarded to the delighted participants.  The DM Mr. Tchuebou Andre then took the floor and galvanized invitees to join EDMARK and benefit from its amazing products and compensation plan and the distributors to be fully engaged in their businesses so that they will be the ones to be recognized and celebrated in the nearest future. This impact event was then brought to an end with closing prayers.