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Date: July 10, 2015
@ Edmark Douala office
by: Miah Roland

Edmark Douala was delighted to gather so many people in its premises for the celebration of its 4th anniversary. It was equally an opportunity for us to continue helping people succeed in health, wealth, and total well-being as we included the presentation of the once in a lifetime business opportunity that Edmark offers. All in all, this memorable ceremony was filled with our four great pillars of gratitude, abundance, love, and compassion.

We started this glamorous event by welcoming our beloved guests and distributors in accompaniment of the Edmark International clap. The event started at 11:30am with a thanksgiving mass by Pastor Takwan Bertrand and it was graced with the presence 381 attendees, of which 154 were guests and 227 members. He wonderfully thanked our Mighty Creator for his enormous blessings in our lives and that of Edmark Douala. In addition, he asked God’s favor to help us continue impacting the lives of people around us with the wonderful opportunity being given to us by Edmark. This then bestowed happiness in the hearts of our beloved guests and distributors, creating a suitable atmosphere for the continuation of the program.Slide2

Immediately after the Cameroon national anthem, our charismatic Branch Operation-in-charge (BOI) Mr. Erwin Dulatre took the floor and welcomed all our beloved distributors and guests as he congratulated them for their endless support during our events and the spirit of teamwork that prevails here in Edmark Douala. Ms. Carol went on to spread more joy among our beloved guests by singing a song via which she enthusiastically expressed her joy of belonging to the Edmark family. With this, T4-EM Mboudou Damaris took the floor for the presentation of the once in a lifetime business opportunity that Edmark offers. She marvelously enumerated and expatiated on the challenges we face nowadays and how these challenges affect our health. She equally gave a comprehensive presentation on the benefits of our wonderful products and showed how these products could help us curb health-related problems. Furthermore, she presented our life-changing compensation plan made up of the 9 Great Bonuses with a total payout of 71%. The efficacy of the marketing plan was much more appreciated with vibrant testimonies from SCM Tchoumi Celestin, T3-SCM Jeanine Nzombeng, T4-CM Fowo Alain, and T5-CM Sama Asanji. They fantastically shared their experience and showed an immense gratitude to Edmark for changing their lives.Slide3

We then ended this memorable ceremony by entertaining our guests and distributors by organizing an eye-catching parade of Miss and Master as well as the King and Queen of Edmark. With this, we are proud to say that our mission statement is to be fully committed in helping people succeed in health, wealth, and total well-being, founded on the four great pillars of gratitude, abundance, love, and compassion. Don’t miss the next opportunity of celebrating with us!

Edmark Douala Grand MDR & New Product Launching.

DATE: 04 JULY 2015
@ Edmark Douala Office
by: Miah Roland

Edmark Douala, a network marketing company with a mission statement to help people succeed in health, wealth, and total well-being organized a Grand Membership Drive Rally on the 4th of July 2015 at 11:00am. The seminar had the purpose of sensitizing the public on the major health hazards encountered in the world today. Embodying this was also the once in a lifetime business opportunity Edmark offers. This was also an opportunity for Edmark to portray its dynamism through the launching of its new products and flavors; Shake Off Lemon flavor, Edmark Cappuccino, MRT Vanilla and MRT Strawberry flavors. The event was graced with the presence of 91 attendees, of which 35 were guests and 56 members.Slide1
The event kicked off with the host, Mr. Miah Roland warmly welcoming the attendees followed by the opening prayer. The dance energizer followed suit, putting the attendees in a festive mood and ready for the event. This was followed by a video presentation of the business opportunity and a question and answer session with the full participation of the invitees. The host then introduced the speaker of the day, SM Tadie Noumsi Emmanuel.SM Tadie took the stage and gave a detailed exposé of the modern day challenges, for instance, unhealthy lifestyles pollution, and how these challenges and lifestyles bring about health hazards with obesity having a good breeding ground.Slide2

He reassured the audience that Edmark has an affordable solution to these problems which is the Edmark P4 healthy slimming products. In addition, he presented the Edmark lifetime business opportunity. He did this by showing the guests and our beloved distributors how they could earn a living while helping other people to succeed in health, wealth, and total well-being. The opportunity was given to those who wanted to register as members as the stage was being set for the launching of the new products.
The new products were unveiled in the accompaniment of applause and cheers from the crowd. This was followed by a showcase of parading talents by the staff with the new products. Slide3

The moment was now appropriate for knowledge about the new products to be given as the crowd was in their peak state. T4-DM Tchuebou Andre was given the floor as he shared important facts and benefits of the active ingredients in the new products. The crowd was delighted to discover the amazing benefits of the new products. The presentation was supported by free tasting of the products. Satisfaction was visible on their faces as they enjoyed the new flavors and products. This marked the end of the event which equipped the distributors with knowledge and strategies to conquer the market with these amazing products.


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Edmark Yaounde’sP4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In (Batch 4) &New Product Launching

Great things come to those who commit their efforts to never giving up.After the long-awaited moment to finally see what they had longed for, Edmark Yaoundé organized the grand launching of its new product and flavors,Shake-Off Lemon flavor, MRT Strawberry and MRT Vanilla flavors as well as the Edmark Cappuccino. Accompanying this was also the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in Batch 4. The event was graced with the presence of 284 participants, starting at exactly 11.30am with the opening prayers. With this, Marketing-in-Charge, Ms. Marie Richard was called on for the welcome remarks.The unveiling of the new products and flavors followed in the midst of loud applause and cheers from the guests and distributors. The General Manager (GM)Mr. Fostin Kenfack then took the floor enthusiastically, briefly discussing and appreciating the features of the new products.




After a comprehensive presentation of these products by Manager Douhala Jasmine Laure, everyone present had the privilege to have a taste of the new products. It was now time for the second part of the program, the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in. Once more, we called on stage, our wonderful Marketing-in-Charge, Ms. Marie Richard, who via a special message laid emphasis on the dangers of obesity. In addition, a short video on obesity was projected in the hall which was aimed to throw more light on her speech, showing some statistical facts on obesity. She went on to present the diet plan and reassured all the participants on the efficacy of our P4 Healthy Slimming program. Ms. Irene Celestine then presented the mechanics of the contest.





The joy and happiness of the guests reached its climax with the grand entrance of the participants, especially during the entertaining production number.This paved the way for the official weigh-in of the contestants. Tokens were awarded according to the percentage of weight loss. It was on this note that our P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in came to a close in hopes to witness more weight loss in the next weigh-in. The deserving awardees of the day were as follows:

Received 1 Box of Shake Off or 1 Bottle of Splina (15-24% Excess Weight Loss)

Mrs. Wirba Joan

Mrs. Abossolo Marie

Mrs.Magne Therese

Received 1 Box of MRT Complex (25-34% Excess Weight Loss)

Mrs. Stephanie Tefeu

Received 1 P4 Package (35% and above Excess Weight Loss)

Mrs.Anne Anoma




Yaounde’s Edifying Working Smart Seminar/TAB-00

 Date: 26 June 2015

@ Edmark Yaounde Office

By: Marie Richard

The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.The success you want in your life is not only about how much money you make, but it is the difference you make in other people’s lives. It is with the purpose of edifying our beloved distributors that Edmark Yaoundé organized the WORKING SMART SEMINAR/Truth aboutBinaries (TAB-OO).It was an opportunity for our beloved distributors to get complete knowledge on the fundamentals of multi-level marketing (MLM) and how to work smart in order to fully maximize their bonuses. Embodying this was also the presentation on the truth about the binary system. This training was led by two dynamic and talented speakers, T4-DM MELANIE KAKE KAMGA and T3-CM BERTHA IKE.


The event was attended by 56 participants and started at exactly 11am with opening prayers. This was then followed bya series of dance energizers that favored a happy mood and kept our distributors at their peak state. Immediately after, we calledour first speaker on stage for the WSS, T4-DMMelanie Kake. She enthusiastically presented the first part, aimed at giving tailored information on the Fundamentals of MLM.  With a good mastery of the modules, she went on to illustrate the difference between a MLM and a Pyramid Scheme. In the course of her comprehensive exposé, she equally presented the different types of compensation plans that exists in the MLM industry. The participants were captivated as they discovered that EDMARK’S compensation plan stands out as the best among the various types of compensation plan. The second part of the WSS was handled by T3-CM BERTHA IKE who enlightened the participants with several reasons on why most distributors are unable to fully maximize their bonuses. In addition, she showed how, through right education, knowledge, skills, and most importantly, methods of working smart,this situation of not fully maximizing bonuses could be avoided. It was now time for refreshments prior to the next presentation. After the coffee/lunch break, our determined distributors were ready to go in for the next presentation which was focused on revealing the truth about the binary system. The first part was handled by our energetic T4-DM Melanie Kake who clearly defined a binary system and expatiated on what practitioners of this system will tell us.



This was done via chapters one and two respectively. Chapters three and four were presented by T3-CM Bertha Ike where she clarified to the attendees on what practitioners of this system will not tell us, and what the professionals will tell us concerning this system. She concluded her presentation by touching the hearts of the distributors with a powerful quote by Bob Marley; “The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him positively.”The seminar ended with the song titled ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley. Satisfaction, motivation, and the desire to succeed were visible in the eyes of the participants. The best has yet to come!



Edmark Yaounde’s 90th Day Final Weigh-In

Date: May 30, 2015

@ Edmark Office

By: Marie Richard

Saturday May 30, 2014, all the routes in Yaounde were converging to Yaahot Hotel as Edmark Yaoundé organized once again its Fight of the Century, the Final Weigh-In for the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. Edmark introduced this program to create health awareness aimed at helping all who are overweight or obese to fight against this condition and achieve their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). For this special occasion, the audience cheered as the host of the event, contestant Tagou Sonia took the stage. She started the program by explaining what the 90 days challenge was all about, leading the contestants towards reaching their healthy body weight. She went on to introduce the journey video of the participants and subsequently welcomed T3/CM Tchaplen Diane for the welcome remarks where she called on the attention of all those present to be aware of the obesity which will be the number one killer of this 21st century.


Next in line was the special message by contestant Molo Ndedi Paola, who gave a resume of the Obesity video which was shown. The diet plan was presented by contestant Foumena Berthe alongside the question of ‘Why Lose to Win’. With much excitement, everyone clapped the entrance of our gorgeous P4 round models and the energetic female boxer together with the contestants who gave the crowd a bombastic production number.


The long expected instant of our event was the disclosure of the winners. By the order of merit to award those that had gone close to achieving their BMI were known and the prizes were awarded as follows; the first prize went to Molo Ndedi Paola, second prize to Sonia Tagou, third prize to Nguemtseu Angeline and the special prize of The Biggest Loser to Foumena Berthe. The recipients were happy to receive their hard-earned rewards. After the awarding of the prizes, we officially launched the fourth batch for all who were eager to join the program as their first weigh-in began. Marketing Eagle, Irene went on to explain the mechanics of the contest. It was on this note that our 90th day weigh-in came to an end with hopes to witness more weight loss transformations and possibly the crowning of a P4 ambassador. Below are the details of our winners of the day:

1st Prize: Molo Ndedi Paola – 72.3% excess weight loss, 17kg

2nd Prize: Sonia Tagou – 68% excess weight loss, 17kg

3rd Prize: Nguemtseu Angeline – 66.7% excess weight loss, 16kg

Biggest Loser: Foumena Berthe – 20kg weight loss




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